Our History

Khidmatul A’waam (KAPS) being a people’s hajj group was established in 1429/2008 to make Hajj affordable to all. Due to the ever escalating cost of Hajj a few brothers and sisters decided to form a specialist Hajj group. Successful meetings were held across South Africa in order to get inputs from the public.

Unanimously it was decided to establish a service orientated Hajj group, to make Hajj a reality for every Muslim. Alhumdulillah, through the efforts of these individuals and the Duas of the Ulama and ordinary people Khidmatul Awaam was born.

Although we are a specialist Hajj group we also offer a wide range of packages satisfying the needs of all pilgrims. Besides being service orientated we also focus on the spiritual aspect of the pilgrimage. We are fully licensed with SAHUC and IATA.