About Khidmatul Awaam

Making Hajj, Umrah and a visit to Al Aqsa Al Mubarak affordable, accessible and a reality for all Muslims in Southern Africa for the pleasure of Allah Azza Wa Jal is our mission. Founded in 2008 and registered as a section 21 company in South Africa (Not for Personal Gain). The journey of Hajj is an obligatory religious duty that must be carried out at least once in their lifetime by all adult Muslims who are physically and financially capable of undertaking the journey. Moreover, Muslims regard Hajj as an ultimate spiritual enhancement worship that needs to be performed according to the Sunnah of our most beloved Nabi Sayyidina Muhammed (SAW).

Regrettably, the cost of the Hajj pilgrimage increases every year and with this in mind, KAPS aim and objective is to make Hajj affordable to all and to serve every guest of Allah in the blessed lands without any personal motive or profit.

KAPS aspires to excel in offering the best pilgrimage to blessed and holy lands by providing and delivering high quality services (Khidmath) with dedication, sincerity, compassion and supreme care under the supervision of a panel of Ulama and experienced role players.

KAPS is also a member and signatory to the Code of Conduct of the South African Hajj and Umrah Council (SAHUC), International Air Transport Association (IATA) and South African Travel Operators Association (SATHUOA). KAPS supports this Code of Conducts and strives to incorporate its principles in its services to pilgrims.

Together with Ulama guidance and with offices in KwaZulu-Natal, Cape Town and Gauteng, we have a vision and mission to become a first class service orientated, value for money and a spiritually inclined service provider by managing and facilitating Hajj, Umrah and the visit to Jerusalem.

1. To provide a high quality service to all in order to enable our pilgrims and travellers to have a spiritual, empowering and inspiring pilgrimage.

2. To strive to develop and create compassion, camaraderie amongst our pilgrims in order to create Allah consciousness and to fulfil a great pillar of Islam with sincerity.



  • To help increase Tauheed, Taqwa, practise of Islam and love for the blessed Sunnah in the life of the pilgrims.
  • To spiritually empower the Hujjaj with Noor (light) of Tauheed in the hearts and minds of pilgrims.
  • To strengthen the Imaan of pilgrims by creating opportunities to make Khidmath of humanity.
  • To embrace the mission, values and teachings of Sayidina Muhammed (SAW) by living a life according to his noble Sunnah.
  • To empower pilgrims to make Hajj, Umrah and a journey to Al Aqsa Al Mubarak a reality.
  • To help pilgrims to fulfil the fifth pillar of Islam.


Our History

Khidmatul A’waam (KAPS) being a people’s hajj group was established in 1429/2008 to make Hajj affordable to all. Due to the ever escalating cost of Hajj a few brothers and sisters decided to form a specialist Hajj group. Successful meetings were held across South Africa in order to get inputs from the public.

Unanimously it was decided to establish a service orientated Hajj group, to make Hajj a reality for every Muslim. Alhumdulillah, through the efforts of these individuals and the Duas of the Ulama and ordinary people Khidmatul Awaam was born.

Although we are a specialist Hajj group we also offer a wide range of packages satisfying the needs of all pilgrims. Besides being service orientated we also focus on the spiritual aspect of the pilgrimage. We are fully licensed with SAHUC and IATA.

Our Services

As specialists in providing enjoyable and fulfilling pilgrimages for Muslims, we can also tailor make a package to suit your specific needs. We have the expertise to ensure that your Hajj, Umrah or three Haram pilgrimage is performed in accordance with the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW). We have the resources to ensure peace of mind during your stay in the holy cities in Makkah, Medinah and Jerusalem.

Besides being IATA accredited we also offer the best prices on flight tickets. Apart from ensuring excellent guidance and services during your religious pilgrimage to Makkah, Medina and Jerusalem, we also cater for other destinations around the globe.

With years of experience in organising Hajj pilgrimages, our packages are designed to take care of all the needs of the Hujaaj, so you the pilgrim can spend your time in worship during your stay in  Arabia.

Our experienced volunteers  will guide and accompany you at each step of the pilgrimage to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible in accordance to the Sunnah.

Khidmatul Awaam  provides Umrah packages to suit all pilgrims. We offer 5 star Umrah packages, 4 star Umrah packages and 3 star budget Umrah and Ramadan Umrah packages at affordable prices in South Africa. It’s our privilege and hounour to serve pilgrims.

Three Haram Pilgrimage
We offer a three Haram Umrah package. A journey to the religious and historic sites of significance in Arabia, Jordan and Jerusalem.