Mina Camps A & C


All tents in entire mina are the same with a water cooling system at present

Camp A
Camp A location is 500m to the smallest jamaraat. It’s located on the main pedestrian pelting lanes moving only in one direction
You will get a mattress ,pillow,blanket ,buffet meals,24 hrs coffee,tea,colddrinks ,juices,water
It’s toilet areas has been tiled as well all communal
Camp A in arafaat has airconditioning in tents n meals as above.
Transport to and from from this camp is on normal roads, it could take you 3/6hours on this journey to arafaat n back to muzdalifa
You have an option of using the muasasah busses or can upgrade to pvt busses.

Camp C
Camp C located 2.5 km from jamaraat bridge [walking time 40minutes to jamaraat bridge]
You will get a mattress,pillow,blanket [smaller in size compared to camp A] boxed meals per person are served at its respective times, tea n coffee n juices, water provided as well.
Communal toilet areas
Special transport route from this camp to camp in arafat [once youve boarded a bus ,takes 20minutes] and return to muzdalifa via same route to open dedicated site for the respective offices of non arab countries.
Location of camp C in arafaat is close to Jabal Rahmah
breakfast, lunch and a travelling supperbox for muzdalifa provided
Tents in camp C are made of canvas