Al Jabr Youth

AL JABR youth development program launches its education boot camps with the aim to improve students performance for university entrance in the sciences mathematics and Arabic as an additional subject choice.
The aim is to launch nationally however using the 2017 year as a proof of concept for Mathematics every Saturday with 2 hour sessions for grades 10 11 and 12. The Mathematics session will be facilitated by Sister Fatima Dadoo. Planning for other subjects will commenced mid May 2017.

This programme is designed to Begin on the first Saturday in March for 2 hour sessions per grade.

The Grade 10 and Grade 11 syllabus will be completed by the third term.

The Grade 12 syllabus will be completed on the 12 August 2017.

The 4th term will be spent entirely on past papers.

Past Paper questions will be worked on throughout the year, to create a better understanding of the problems faced with in the exam room.

Special attention will be paid towards understanding the english terminology and how to “convert” this into a mathematical Statement .

Learners will be provided with a course book linked to questions per topic.

These questions will be given as homework.

Assistants will check that the homework has been covered in order for them to receive the solution booklets

Revision workshops can be held for the Grade 12 students during school